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Change is rarely easy or fun. And doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good. But it’s worth it. If we could live with our ultimate end in sight, we might live a little differently.

I was living the American Dream, with no apparent reason to wake up. Click To Tweet

Early in 2017 I did what was unthinkable to many. I decided to leave a job where my family’s future was “secure”. I was living the American Dream, with no apparent reason to wake up. But there was a dream inside a dream — my true dream is to be poured out and spent for the glory of God, both in the church and in the world.

I’ve been doing the first for two decades as a worship leader, seeking to faithfully serve Christ’s church. And there was tremendous blessing in that vocation. There still is! But with every day that goes by, there is a greater realization I am closer to the moment when I will stand before the Lord and give an account for my life. (Romans 14:12)

It is a matchless blessing to do what you love. And for me, for so long, that has been leading others in Godward affection. But God is calling me to a time of recalibration, of retooling. As my daughter said, God isn’t calling me to just continue sharpening the same tool I’ve used for so long, but to give me new tools – tools that God can use to bring restoration to this broken world.

This is sacrifice on my family for me to do this. It is no small trauma to uproot the whole family and drastically slash your income. So if you want to give a little to help us out along the way, THANK YOU!

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Our lives are not our own, and neither is our money. So your willingness to use what God has entrusted to you to support us during this time means more than I can say.

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– West