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15. November 2016 Parenting, Worship 0

So, I’ve been on Sabbatical for about 5 weeks now. And if there’s one thing I’ve discovered as particularly precious during this time it’s family worship.

The Book of Common Worship – Daily Prayer provides a lot of helpful instruction and content. Yes, it’s cumbersome to use, especially as a family – with lot’s of flipping through pages and trying to figure out what prayers and texts to use – but it’s still rich with prepared prayers and liturgical guidance for profitable, biblical worship.

If you’d like to see a copy of our family worship from this weekend, click here.


  • Show grace by paying attention to your kid’s ages.
    • Keep things lighthearted.
    • When the dog distracts, laugh about it, and settle him down. 🙂
    • Expect a lot! They will rise to the occasion.
  • Let the Spirit move in prayer.
    • You never know what God is going to put on your kid’s hearts.
    • You sometimes don’t know what’s troubling a family member’s heart until you hear them pray.
  • Share the responsibilities:
    • Men, don’t think that because you’re “the man of the house” that you are to do everything. The Scriptures have given us ample evidence that throughout the history of God’s people, women have lead, ruled, and prophesied; they were the first to empty tomb; they traveled with and supported the ministry of the Lord Jesus. Let them lead in worship at home, too. “Submit yourself, one to another.”
    • Same with the kids. Jesus said unless we CHANGE and become like children, we will not inherit the kingdom.
  • Music:
    • Don’t wait until Sunday morning (or whenever) to put all this together. Plan it out.
    • Use the online PDF version of the Book of Common Worship for help.
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