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08. November 2016 Parenting 0


So… yesterday, I’m sitting on my couch (probably playing my new app addiction PinOut), when my 9-yr old son comes in from walking our black miniature schnauzer, Charlie.

He’s cracking up, because Charlie pooped three times, and apparently still had poop in his bottom.

I’m like, “WHA?!!!” (Who in their right mind brings a dog inside that hasn’t finished his business? … oh yeah, we’re talking about a 9-yr old boy.)

So Charlie hops up beside me and sits on “his” pillow, where he then begins to rub his rump methodically.

I freak out and snatch him up, only to see the, uh, leftovers.

I take the pillow and Charlie outside, and spend the next few minutes (and the rest of our paper towels) cleaning both of them. (Who has ever wiped a dog’s butt? Crazy.)

While wiping the dog’s butt I remember telling Ben how stupid this was. (He had proceeded to run upstairs to his room.) #Guilt #terriblefather #whatdoidonow? #gospelapplication #loveyourson #gracegracegrace

I called Ben downstairs and said, “Buddy, I just want you to know that you are not stupid. You are smart. But what you did just wasn’t the smartest move.”

Now that he knew I wasn’t mad at him, he felt comfortable saying he still thought it was funny.

“But it wasn’t funny at the time”, I said. “Cleaning up poop is the last thing I want to do.”

To which he replied, “The last thing you want to do is be a sinner and be away from God.”

Literally. Those were his words.



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