Best Pedal for Acoustic Guitar

14. March 2016 General 0

I’ve been tone hunting for years.

I play a Taylor 814CE and a 1996 Breedlove SC/R. (Unfortunately, I sold my Martin D-35 years ago. #thingsyouregret)

The ambient, ethereal tone I was after always evaded me.

At first I tried to combine a series of delay, reverb, tremolo, and EQ pedals. This got me closer, but still not there yet.

Then my original Taylor pickup tuckered out on me. And I decided to take the plunge.

To be honest, the tone I was hunting for I could hear in Phil Keaggy’s Beyond Nature CD, and on a lot of David Wilcox songs. But the common denominator there was their Olson guitars. And I just don’t have that kind of moola!

So I took my Taylor to my friend, Bryan Parris. Bryan patiently listened to me describe what I was after and installed two pickups in place of the one.

He first gutted the original pickup:


Then Bryan installed an LR Baggs M80 magnetic pickup in the sound hole, and an LR Baggs Anthem Sl on the bridgeplate and under the saddle (it’s a mic and a piezo).


Finally, I replaced the other pedals with the Strymon Big Sky.


And this is the sound I got:

Singer, Bethany French. Song: Hide Away in the Love of Jesus, by Sovereign Grace Ministries. Songwriters, Steve and Vikki Cook.

Now, that might not be what you’re looking for. But I love that lush, cavernous, shimmery reverb. I don’t use this a lot. But knowing it’s there for certain songs makes all the difference.


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