All Creatures for Guitar

14. March 2016 Songs, Worship 0

I was recently planning music for Sunday worship at my church. I had been playing around in DADGAD on my guitar, and discovered that All Creatures of Our God and King sounded really nice in open tuning.

I had been playing this hymn for many years pretty much the same way. (In standard tuning like this: All Creatures of Our God and King (Band 2.0).) But I was in the mood for a fresh version. So I went to my friend and co-worker, Andrew Duncan. Together we arranged the hymn in straight 4/4 and re-harming the verses.

By playing it in DADGAD, I was able to get a nice Celtic sound by playing the opening phrase in octaves on the B and G strings.

Here’s an audio….

(Clearly should have rehearsed those harmonies harder! Yikes!)

OK, so if you’re a guitarist, and you want to play this arrangement, be sure to either have two guitars, or you plan a piano-led song afterward (with you not leading vocals!) so you can re-tune the guitar. *If you need direction on how to play the chords in DADGAD, this might help.

Here’s our arrangement: All Creatures of Our God and King – Lead-2


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