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A number of people have asked me since yesterday morning for a copy of what I prayed during worship. The meat of this prayer came from a John Piper sermon entitled “The Greatest Thing in the World“. (Which I first heard on Shai Linne’s song “All-Consuming Fire” from his Attributes of God cd.) 

After singing How Great Is Our God, I said:

Indeed God is exceedingly great. And the only reason someone has a low view of God is because they have a low view of sin.
Sin is:     
The glory of God not honored.
The holiness of God not reverenced.
The greatness of God not admired.
The power of God not praised.
The truth of God not sought.
The wisdom of God not esteemed.
The beauty of God not treasured.
The goodness of God not savored.
The faithfulness of God not trusted.
The promises of God not relied upon.
The commandments of God not obeyed.
The justice of God not respected.
The wrath of God not feared.
The grace of God not cherished.
The presence of God not prized.
The person of God not loved.
That is sin!
The infinite, all-glorious Creator of the universe, by whom and for whom all things exist (Rom. 11:36) ––  disregarded, disbelieved, disobeyed, and dishonored by everybody in the world. That is the ultimate outrage of the universe.*
And that is why we sing “How Great Thou Art!”
That is why the sweet sound of saving grace is surpassingly sweet –
The exceedingly great God has taken our exceedingly sinful sin and placed it on his Son…
This great God has taken the sins of liars, adulterers and the rest of his enemies, and has placed them on his Son; and there poured out his wrath – Jesus becoming sin, that in him we might become the righteousness of God!
Lord, help us to marvel at the miracle of your glorious grace poured out on us at Calvary.
Then we sang Now Why This Fear.

Shai Linne’s “All-Consuming Fire” : Love this!!!

Here are the lyrics to Shai’s rap:

Verse 1

God’s wrath is a perfection for which He should be adored
A passion for this message: yes it needs to be restored
He has holy reflexes towards the evil He abhors
Cats who don’t respect Him will receive His lethal sword
The mass prefers the pleasures that sin easily affords
Our blasphemous affections are the reason we’re at war
We should be in awe, His sweetness should keep us floored
Sin’s radical infection is the reason we get bored
Repeatedly we snore, He’s frequently ignored
We explore evil lusts leaving us greedy for more
The Master’s recollection of our evil He records
We have zero protection because He is keeping score
It’s bad for every section, there’s no passing His inspection
Because we’re lacking the perfection that we need to be secure
Everlasting dissection: the unbeliever’s reward
Disaster for rejection of the truth- Jesus is Lord!


God is an all-consuming fire
Burning away all false desires soon
He’s gonna burn it away, the holy furnace will blaze
Eternal the days, Somebody come on
They’re longing for mountains and rocks to be falling
Please don’t refuse the One who’s calling you
He’s calling you, He’s warning you
Whatcha gonna do? Somebody come on

Verse 2

The Lord is speaking through His prophecies and all of His commands
Unequaled in His qualities, He’s awesome and He’s grand
He’s regal and His policies are gloriously planed
He’s peeping the idolatry that’s all over the land
How people in society ignore the Son of Man
By seeking their autonomy, they are caught in a trance
But He will put a stop to the evil and apostasy,
The devious hypocrisy, the fallenness of man
We’re teaching you theology so y’all can understand
According His plans: the slaughter of the damned
Unspeakable reality to fall into His hands
No sequels, it’s finality and awful is the span
No weeping or apologies, no sneakiness or bribery
will keep the Lord from honoring His law and its demands
We’re pieces of His pottery- He causes us to stand
His people see Him properly- exalted is the Lamb!


Verse 3

In the Bible, God’s wrath- we see it openly explained
So mindful of its gravity, this poetry is plain
A frightful catastrophe, His foes will be in pain
Stifled, their anatomy and souls will be sustained
Recycled supernaturally and locally contained
The spiteful would be glad to see God’s potency restrained
Noticeably profane, they’re supposed to be ashamed
They joke like it’s a game, they’re woefully deranged
Maniacal, they’re actually opposed to Jesus’ reign
His rightful mastery of the whole of His domain
Not tribal, but massively and globally ordained
He died to make us happily devoted to His fame
His rivals with their strategies, the prideful with their apathy
Their idols and their blasphemies will only see the flames
Denial of His majesty is totally insane
The title of His masterpiece is “Holy is His name”!



God’s wrath is coming, God’s wrath is coming!
Christ is coming on the clouds, see the crowds running!
God’s wrath is coming, God’s wrath is coming!
Behold the Lamb in His might and the sight is stunning!
God’s wrath is coming, God’s wrath is coming!
All the wicked will be punished at the final judgment!
God’s wrath is coming, God’s wrath is coming!
He’s gonna vindicate His name at the second coming!

(HT: Thanks Honey and Locusts for the lyrics!)

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