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28. February 2012 General 0

A year ago, John Piper posted “Man shall not live by Facebook alone.” It’s a great post, and timely. At least for me. I dumped Facebook two weeks ago. It was the result of a conversation with my wife that FB had become a compulsion. It was distracting me, drawing me away from what’s most important in my short life: her, my kids, my Savior, the joy of my salvation. In a way, it and the virtual connections it offered were becoming my savior. So I flushed Facebook. (Bye-bye 1300 “friends”.)

But it’s not just Facebook I’m compulsive with. Technology in general fights for my allegiance. I love my iPad. I could sit for hours looking for the latest apps (especially the free ones!).

Piper wrote:

Are apps a threat to God-focus? Yes. But it works both ways. Fight fire with fire.
If you are reading your Bible on your computer or your smartphone or your iPad, the presence of the email app and the news apps and the Facebook app threaten every moment to drag your attention away from the word of God.
True. Fight that. If your finger offends you, cut it off. Or use any other virtuous violence (Matthew 11:12) that sets you free to rivet your soul on God.

“Virtuous violence” – Leave it to Piper to coin such a phrase. He goes on:

But don’t take mainly a defensive posture. Fight fire with fire.
Why should we think of the Facebook app threatening the Bible app? Why not the Bible app threatening the Facebook app, and the email app, and the RSS feeder, and the news?
Resolve that today you will press the Bible app three times during the day. No five times. Ten times! Maybe you will lose control and become addicted to Bible! Again and again get a two-minute dose of life-giving Food. Man shall not live by Facebook alone.

For those of you not tempted like me, to say that FB and technology and iPad apps threaten violence to the soul may sound extreme. But I urge you – be grateful instead; diligently look for the small, sneaky schemes that the Enemy of your soul may be employing to eat away at your soul, bit by bit.

Satan knows the doctrine of salvation better than you do, but he cannot savor it! So do what it takes today to relish your redemption, to savor your Savior.

There are no regrets here for flushing Facebook. And if you find it something you can’t resist, then chunk it. You won’t miss it. Flush Facebook.

Note: Because some friends still wanted to know when I posted something on my blog, I rigged it so they can show up on Suzanne’s Facebook page.

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