Shame vs Soul Freedom

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Shame vs Soul Freedom
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I met today with a friend and counselor to discuss loving my wife well. After our time together he sent me to an article he wrote on “soul freedom”. Here’s a short excerpt:

Soul freedom is a state of being at peace.  It is freedom from fears, anxieties, guilt, and
shame.  It is characterized by walking closely with God; being steeped in His grace; and
living in righteousness.   The soul that is free is not bound by sins, shame, lies, or regrets.
By being free, one’s soul is at liberty to love fully, engage in life heartily, and pursue goals
without shame. 

The only way I’ve ever found to this destination of “soul freedom” is the experience of coming to an end of yourself, your secret sins hidden no more, and experiencing the severe mercy and sovereign grace of God.

Christian, confess your sins – yes, to God – but also to a brother or sister. The power of abiding sin is often found in its secrecy. He will give you the power to repent. Come to the light. 
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