Singer / Songwriter Studio Setup

02. November 2011 General 0
I asked Stephen Ballast, our model helicopter building A/V guy, about setting up a studio in my office for recording vocals and guitar. This is what he came back with.

1. New Computer (Recommended specs.)
I also asked film composer Alain Mayrand the specs for his PC. I know we both use Finale for orchestration writing, so it peeked my interest. His PC specs are: Intel corei7, 4 core cpu. 16 gigs of RAM. Basic video card. Ultra quiet cpu fan, not stock model. Very quiet case as well. Not a complex thing, just get the strongest cpu (Intel only, from what I understand) and a lot of the fastest RAM, not the cheapest RAM. For soundcard, M-Audio Firewire 410. (For keyboard he uses an M-Audio Keystation Pro-88.)  

2. Purchase the M-Audio Fast Track Pro recording interface ($167)*
3. Guitar recording mic (Options priced low to high)
    ($400) Rode NT-2A
    ($550) Shure KSM32
    ($700) Neumann TLM102
4. Vocal recording mic
    ($230) Rode NT-1A
    ($550) Shure KSM32
    ($700) Neumann TLM102
5. Find a good virtual drum machine plugin
   ($free) DSK Drumz AkoustiK (program through midi)
   ($100) Jamstix 3
6. Future Preamp Upgrade: Black Lion Autuer Mic Pre ($600)
*The M-Audio Fast Track Pro comes with a Pro-tools limited version.

Hope this is helpful!

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