Worship Review: August 14

Congregational Singing
Yesterday we began our congregational singing with the strong, beautiful hymn Immortal Invisible God Only Wise. The organ introduced it, and accompanied all three verses. Then, at the end of the final verse, the organist, instead of resolving the hymn to the root chord (G), landed on C. At this point, the band entered (using my arrangement below), and we sang the first verse again.

Immortal, Invisible (Band)

We ended the hymn using the chord progression above, and went right into a song I wrote a number of years ago called In Spirit and Truth (based on John 4, where Jesus told the woman at the well that the Father is seeking those who will worship him in spirit and in truth). It has the same tempo and key as Immortal Invisible, but is more ballad-like.

In Spirit and Truth (We Come)

Our third song was the now classic, We Fall Down by Chris Tomlin. (Watch and hear Chris and Steven Curtis Chapman sing it together below)

The choir always takes a summer break, which is great for them, but adds a little more on my plate for Sundays since they normally do the offering song.  That said, it’s a great time in worship to introduce new songs for the church to sing. This Sunday we introduced a powerful new song sung by Natalie Grant – Your Great Name.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper most Sundays. That usually allows for two songs. This week we sang Everything Cries Holy and From the Squalor of a Borrowed Stable (Immanuel). The beauty of Stuart Townend’s From the Squalor is the thoroughness of the gospel message poetically conveyed in it, following the life of Christ from his birth to exaltation to his ultimate return. It’s a great way to end a Sunday morning!

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