Worship Review: July 24

25. July 2011 General 0

Songs & Arrangements 
All Creatures of Our God and King (St. Francis of Assisi) – The organ introduced the hymn and played the first verse. At the end of V1, the acoustic guitar sets rhythm, and band introduces musical theme revolving around a D -> Bm progression. This electric guitar-based theme bridged every verse. All three vocalists led on the first verse, bringing fuller vocal leadership to the organ accompaniment. Backed way off to just acoustic & lite piano on V4 (“And all ye men of tender heart / Forgiving one another, take your part”)

Wonderful Maker (Redman, Tomlin) – As All Creatures ends on D, electric guitar begins new melodic idea, based on the Tomlin recording. You can hear the vibey theme at the beginning of the song in this video. (Interestingly, I originally thought about connecting these two songs by playing the new theme in D (the key we were leaving), and then in G (the key we’d be playing Wonderful Maker), but playing the guitar riff as written worked fine, since there are so many common tones in the two keys.) We had the electric guitar just play the riff without the band to allow for a transition between the big hymn and the more contemplative song.

Let Us Adore (Morgan) – Played in G. Got huge. Ended with a cappella, softer singing of the chorus, which moved into time of prayer as we prepared for the Offering.

No Doxology – This was a first. I discussed it with our pastor. We agreed that the Doxology has become almost ineffective in our service, serving more as a cue for the ushers to come down for the offertory than the next natural step in our service of worship. So I prayed instead, having asked the head usher to inform the rest of the ushers to come forward during my prayer, which was done as the band softly vamped.

From the Inside Out (Houston) – We introduced this to the congregation for the first time. Good response from young (who already sing it) and old. Here’s Hillsong’s version. Ours was similar, just not as big. (And there were, like, 2 or 3 fewer folks in our service than you’ll see in this video.)

From the Inside Out – Instrumental

I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)

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