I See the Cross (Song)

My friend, Brandon, asked me last year to help him write a song about the cross. He sent me a melodic idea and some chords, and while I was quarantined to my bedroom with the flu, I searched the Scriptures for texts about the cross. This is what we came up with.

Verse 1:
How can beauty rise from ashes (Isa 61:3)
and forgiveness heal all wounds (Ps 103:2-3)?
How can triumph follow tragedy,
and the sun break through the storms?
This mystery of redeeming love,
revealed to me when I see your cross (Col 2:1-3).
I see the cross, where wrath and mercy meet.
I see the cross, his blood has brought me peace (Col 1:20)
I see the cross, salvation comes to me
In the death of my great king, Jesus, Jesus (1 Thess 5:9)
Verse 2:
Now your light shatters our darkness (2 Cor 4:6);
and your love makes us alive (Eph 2:5)
Grace has saved us for a purpose,
to show the wealth of grace in Christ (2 Tim 1:9).
Could it be that our great king,
even in his suffering,
showed that joy comes with a price,
the act of laying down your life (Heb 12:2)
I’m boasting in the cross alone (Gal 6:14),
for there my sin has been atoned (Rom 5:8)
I’ll search the mystery of his wounds
til my heart’s consumed with…
(to Chorus)
© 2008 Breedlove / Wells

Here’s a recording from this past Sunday.

Me, acoustic guitar and vocals
Amanda Day, backing vocals
Gene Peterson, piano
Parke Cottrell, electric guitar
Andrew Moor, bass
Will Burkhart, drums
Cheryl Baddorf, synth

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