Sunday Morning Communion

28. November 2007 Music, Songs, Worship 4

Folks from church often ask me for a CD of the band. Although it’s an encouraging request, I get a little overwhelmed at the thought of recording a full album. However, I do ask our wonderful sound tech Jeremy to record the band on occasion so that I can evaluate our “performance” (what other word can I use? Ps 22:25; 50:14, 56:12; 61:8, 65:1, 66:13, 76:11, 119:112; Is 19:21; Jer 44:25; Luke 2:39; Heb 9:6). Jeremy recorded us this past Sunday, and played it for me today. I was blessed to hear it, and thought I’d share it with you. It is by no means perfect. Nothing has been done to correct mistakes. But I think it is represents the love for God in the hearts of God’s people at Cedar Springs. I hope it blessed you!
~ West

Amanda Day is the beautiful voice leading “Made Me Glad”.

NOTE: I realized that posting the recording was unlawful. My apologies.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Communion”

  • 1
    King on November 28, 2007 Reply

    Hey W – can’t download the mp3…any ideas?

  • 2
    West on November 28, 2007 Reply

    Hey ~ if it doesn’t play, maybe traffic is too high. Try again later. Also, did you try to actually download the song using the link to the left of the player? That worked for someone else who had the same problem.

    ~ w

  • 3
    Chad on November 29, 2007 Reply

    Right into the Throne Room! Beautiful! Thanks for ministering before the Most High God.

    Chad Ellenburg

  • 4
    West on November 29, 2007 Reply

    Thank you Chad!

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